Value of libraries

It was very pleasing to see Kathleen Noonan’s praise of libraries in her column in the Courier Mail last Saturday. She shares the joy she feels coming home with a bundle of new books from her local library. Kathleen also shares a very interesting research finding from a study commissioned by the UK’s Department for Culture, Media & Sport which determined that “going to the library gives people the same kick as receiving a pay rise does – £1359 ($2560) exactly. The study concluded there was a significant association between frequent library use and reported wellbeing.” It is wonderful to see the girls at St Rita’s utilising our library facilities, but we need to ensure that the ever invasive mobile phonesmart_phone_media_icons_400_clr_9121 does not detract from the wonderful benefits reading can bring, but instead opens the girls up to even more possibilities for reading. Book chats, book promotions, new book purchases, old book recycling sales and book displays will always be a major part of my library.school_child_absorbing_book_knowledge_400_clr_12353

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