Web 2.0 tools making life easier … or are they?

Remember the old saying “when you’re on a good thing ….. stick to it”? Unfortunately in today’s world of technology apps, this saying is next to impossible to emulate.

One day, I found Springpad, the most wonderful organisational tool, with visual, highly organised notebooks and opportunities for sharing, it changed my life (well not really but made my job so much easier). I established several notebooks so that with a click of the springpad clipper, I could add books to my “to be purchased” notebook, which would automatically send alerts to my library assistant to let her know what to order – so handy when you are lying in bed on the weekend, reading the book reviews in the Weekend Australian. She in turn with one click could move them into our “recently purchased notebook” when they arrived. And it was here that the fun began – do I want digital signs done up for these new books, yes – and off went an alert to our techy guru who would whip up a promotional sign, add a book trailer to our website and consider the book for our book of the month. Another click and the book was added to one of our notebooks for students to find and follow : Hooray it is holidays now I can read, great YA reads or That’s life (for our new biographies) students could then know the instant new books had arrived in the library. But sadly I can’t even provide you with a link so you can find it too. Springpad doesn’t exist anymore.

 In this modern world where start-ups more often become crash downs, Springpad is no more. So I am back on the hunt again.  Evernote I hear you say – it sadly won’t let me list an item in more than one notebook. Diigo? Oh so boring. So after much searching, I’ve had to settle for two: Evernote for our staffing communications and KEEEB another new start up for our marketing for students – probably foolish considering our previous experience, but it looks good. Now we will just have to pass on the word to our followers!!

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