2014 Action Plan Goal 3

Develop a united, caring House Group (Marion 3), that reflects the strengths of a bonded group but also respects the individual within it.
Encourage Big Sister Little Sister activities, including Big Sister Little Sister lunch.
Mix up Friday days – members sit with another member other than someone from their own year level or sibling.
House Group outing once a term.
Attend the House Warming evening to meet parents.
Liaise with Head of House or parents when concerns or issues may arise.
Keep abreast of social and emotional issues concerning teenage girls via professional reading.

ATSIL standards this goal addresses:
Knowing our students and how they learn.

College priorities this goal addresses:
Develop a social and emotional understanding of teenage girls and their world.

A happy and enthusiastic House Group that supports the individual within but encourages each other as a group.

2014 Action Plan Goal 2

Support teachers engaging in professional learning by developing and maintaining a well-resourced and diverse collection of relevant and timely resources, with a particular emphasis on Information and Communication Technologies

Undertake a wide range of professional reading and include relevant digital resources and links on myLibrary teachers blog.
Maintain contacts with professional bodies and networks such as ALIA Schools; SLAQ and Cotlibs, in order to keep informed about key news, resources and events.
Present to colleagues at a staff development meeting.

ATSIL standards this goal addresses
Know content and how to teach it.

College priorities this goal addresses:
Effective use of Information Communication & Technology (ICT) to extend and refine teaching, learning and assessment.

A supportive and professional myLibrary Teachers blog that provides a wealth of ideas and activities for teachers, particularly in the area of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

2014 Action Plan Goal 1

To develop a partnership in curriculum development.

Attend RE curriculum meetings and liaise with Head of Religion to assist in the development of the new Religious Education curriculum.
Keep abreast of, and purchase resources that are being developed for the Year 7 Australian Curriculum for Heads of KLA to peruse.
Once units are developed, investigate and purchase both online and print resources to support new units, both teacher resources and library resources for research.

ATSIL standards this goal addresses:
Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning
Engage professionally with colleagues.

College priorities this goal addresses:
Unit development and resourcing of Year 7 programs and Australian Curriculum areas utilising the Dimensions of Learning Framework.
Australian Curriculum Phase 1 subjects and Religious Education – unit reflection, evaluation and ongoing resource development.

Well resourced units for the Australian Curriculum Phase 1 subjects and Religious Education, that support the work teachers undertake in the classroom.