PLN week 2

There are so many tools out there all spruiking the opportunity to keep organized, share resources with others and call them up when needed. Each has required that a username and password be set up before you can even dig deeper into the detail to see if the tool is right for you. Consequently I have a number of accounts offering a number of tools with their corresponding usernames and passwords, but have rarely had the opportunity to investigate more closely. There was however one exception – I set up a set of workflow notebooks with Springpad. This has helped enormously with streamlining the process of ordering new books, creating a reading list once they have arrived, creating digital signage for those that I wish to advertise and keeping a bright colourful list of recommendations for staff when they invariably ask for a recommendation around holiday time.
The Stacks and notebooks in Diigo will be great for keeping all my favourites in one spot as I switch from PC to tablet, Springpad would probably have become too unwieldy – though it will involve remembering one more user name and password.
In the dim dark ages of snail mail and paper trails, some students had colour coded tabs in folders, with notes from different subjects filed neatly between the dividers. Others had piles of papers in various stages of creased, crammed into their lockers and schoolbags. Perhaps teaching them a tool such as Evernote will encourage even the most disorganized student to gain the benefits of an organized study environment. We can only hope.
Digital technologies have meant the demise of the Library vertical file – not something I am longing to return to!

Here is a link to my shared evernote: