CBCA Young readers shortlist 2013 – with links

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The discussions have just begun about the 2013 CBCA Book of the Yearshortlisted books.

Here is my post about the shortlisted books for the younger readers. We have 3 of the 6 in our secondary school library. It is interesting to see that Pennies for Hitler was on both the Older and Younger Readers lists but made it to the Younger Readers’ shortlist. Of the three books we have in our library, two are about young people surviving the Holocaust and the third is about refugees as well. The runaway winner in our library is After by Morris Gleitzman. His books are very popular but the series of books about the plight of Felix has captured the imaginations of many of our boys.

2013 Younger Readers Shortlist

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Looking for something to read

Here’s my springpad with recommended holiday reads that I have enjoyed. They are all available in our library. I am working on having them appear as the direct Springpad link, not sure how to do it but I’ll keep woring on it!!
View the “Hooray it’s holidays now I can read” notebook on Springpad