Learning in networks of knowledge

Learning networksI came across this slideshow from Judy O’Connell speaking with the staff of the State Library of NSW about the issues and drivers that are considered as they work with students in a tertiary learning environments. Learning in Networks of Knowledge was just the beginning of a bigger conversation. It is also very applicable to our work here in the Secondary School environment as we prepare our students, not just for tertiary education, but for life long learning.

Difference between content curation and link spraying

I’ve always been concerned about how little time I have to really review web 2.0 tools, websites and such like, let alone implement good ideas into my teacher librarian practice yet other people seem to be able to recommend masses of sites, apps, tools and the like. Where do they find the time? Consequently I was really pleased to come across this website -The difference between content curation and link spraying. I’m obviously on the side of content curation – well after all I am a teacher librarian so it all makes lots of sense to me.